Study finds orange people twice as likely to catch Covid-19

Washington. A groundbreaking new study reports that orange people are twice as likely to catch the new corona virus.

Scientists are puzzled over this absolutely surprising discovery and are conducting extensive genetical research to find out the exact cause behind it.

“It seems like the virus has started to evolve and has developed an ability to discriminate among races, a privilege reserved so far only to the human species. We don’t know much, but we know Covid19 sure as hell isn’t keen on the orange, if you know what I mean.”, Prof. White explained.

“We’re not exactly sure to what extent orange lives matter, we are thus unable to calculate the impact this will have on us as a nation. We’re looking into it as we speak and will inform the public as soon as we come to a conclusion – oh, yes, definitely before Breonna Taylor’s case gets justice.”, White House advisor Moore Onn, confidently stated. “Maybe orange is the new black, who knows?”

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