Linguists crack the code revealing what WAP actually stands for

The United Stated of America. A little over a month ago rap queen Cardi B released a new song featuring fellow rapper Meghan Thee Stallion. Many an eyebrow has been raised while listening to the single titled simply, WAP. Fans and foes were met with a lot of confusion being unable to decipher the mysterious acronym.

We’ve questioned random people in order to find out their opinion on the puzzling three letters. There were several surprising answers such as Wide Angle Photography, Wondrous Angels Playing, White And Proud (wtf?), and the wildly popular Warm Apple Pie. So many sweet homemakers out there.

We also contacted a group of linguists from UCLA in order to shine more light on the matter. “We’ve been working hard over the past month to crack the code behind WAP. It’s been intense, as most of the funds are poured into the Covid-19 vaccine research, but we’ve learned to make it work with the little we’ve had. And now we’re ready to let you know what WAP stands for.

Nerds, rejoyce! WAP stands, of course, for Wireless Application Protocol. Basically, it is a technical standard for accessing information over a mobile wireless network. Its purpose is to standardize the way that wireless devices can be used for Internet access.

“It’s really refreshing to see the rap industry send encrypted messages to the IT world. And do it responsibly, too. By enabling TLS and taking all the necessary measures to generate a safe environment the channels of communication have been prepared accordingly.”, Network Experts Brad Band and Faer Wall explain. “Oh, what’s going on! What’s happening? Bring a bucket and a mop, guys. There’s something wrong with the WAP Gateway! Sorry guys, we’re gonna have to cut this short. Oh, Goodness!”

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