Hungary shuts borders after constant request from population to relive totalitarian experience

Budapest. Hungary. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, finally gave in to fulfilling a long-lasting desire of the people, namely to relive the wonder days of a not so long gone totalitarian dictatorship. Struggling with the challenges of freedom since 1989, a considerable part of the Hungarian population repeatedly issued official requests to the government asking to bring back the good old times. Although Prime Minister Orbán is focused mostly on advancing his own agenda, this time there seems to be an overlap between the wish of the people and his own.

“I may have been busy shutting down all independent news outlets in the country, and slowly, but surely eliminating my opponents, but closing our borders to non-residents…this, this is a dream come true. Not only will the new measures keep Covid19 from spreading, but they will also keep immigrants at bay, yes the same immigrants who have left their countries with a plan to destroy our culture and eat all of our Túró Rudi. It’s not like we have endless supplies of Túró Rudi. “, Prime Minister Orbán stated to our reporter.

Orbán voters, radical nationalists and Jobbik aficionados, were deeply moved as their wish was granted by the sole power holder in the country. Subsequently, they promised to build their leader a statue that would make Vladimir Putin cry tears of frustration in his bathroom.

Pálinka, anyone?

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