Messi starts new Pound coin collection after exhausting all Euro options

Barcelona. Spain. Football superstar Lionel Messi has announced his desire to leave the Catalan team after two decades of collaboration. It was neither boredom nor the underwhelming results of the team during the last football season that determined the football master to prepare his exit.

The real reason why Lionel Messi decided to end his 20-year career as FC Barcelona’s Captain is because during this time his Euro coins collection has been completed and the football sensation is looking for real opportunities to start a new one. A Pound coin collection, to be precise.

“I’ve had this passion since I was a young boy, I remember when my grandfather used to teach me about the beauty of numismatics. It’s definitely a passion for the connoisseur and you know, by that time I already formed a general interest in round things!”, Lionel Messi told our reporter.

Manchester City is beyond excited to help the football supernova get started on his new coin collection and is looking forward to welcome him with some solid black pudding, a stout, and some cheesecake into the loving arms of their team. “In all honesty, I did have enough of pa amb tomaquet, if you know what I mean.”, Leo Messi coyly confessed.

If you share the football player’s passion for rare coins and would like to exchange or trade yours with the Legendary Leo, please contact our team and we’ll forward your items to him free of charge. We promise.

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