Area couple plays Rock Paper Scissors until daybreak in an attempt to establish who should switch off the lights

Zürich. Switzerland. A shocking case of disorganization shattered the perfectly neat course of events in the Swiss city of Zürich. An area couple had not completely optimized their evening light termination routine and had to resort to an unconventional solution in order to achieve the desired outcome.

“We were out of ideas and nobody felt generous on that particular evening, so we decided to let chance be the judge. So far so good, we started playing Rock Paper Scissors but with none of us losing within the first 3 hours, things started getting old.”, area man Baldur Liechtenstein explained.

“Of course, he wanted to quit after a while, but I insisted we continued. We’d already invested a lot of time into this game and it always ended in a tie. I guessed we’d only had keep at it in order to find out who fate had decided to sacrifice tonight. We just had to play a little longer.”, area woman Melanie Schattenspiel added.

And play a little longer they did. Failing to beat each other at Rock Paper Scissors, Baldur and Melanie welcomed daybreak together. As daylight filled their home, they realized that turning the lights off was no longer necessary and soon fell asleep.

“It’s more of a workaround than a solution”, Baldur admitted, “but we did get 2 hours of sleep that night and none of us had to get out of bed to turn the lights off in the end. As much fun as it may seem to play Rock Paper Scissors till dawn, we are of a certain age and can’t afford too many sleepless nights. We are considering outsourcing this service in the future for increased efficiency, minimal resource usage, and cost reduction. I mean, we have kids for a reason.”

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