Did you know people who describe themselves as too honest are usually lying?


Planet Earth. We all know people who describe themselves as too kind, too understanding, and/or too honest. Those selfless, innocent, one in a million souls – right? You might want to think again.

An extensive study conducted by a team of sociologists and psychologists from the University of Factfield shows that 3,5 out of 5 subjects are somewhat exaggerating their virtues. “The greater the eagerness to verbally highlight one’s qualities, the higher the probability the individual is compensating for the lack thereof.”, PhD. Earnest Faux, the lead researcher of the aforementioned study explains.

“We conducted an experiment by analyzing various corporate interview sessions with the main focus on a few crucial questions. It was requested from all candidates to present their strengths and weaknesses (for more info on how people usually feel about this click here). We found these standard interview questions to be very revealing.”, Professor Faux pointed out. ” Evidence shows that 2,9 out of 5 subjects describe their weakness as being too hardworking, being too passionate about their job, and too self-sacrificing when it comes to hard decisions about work-life balance. According to our findings, more often than not this translates to spending 2 hours of their workday on social media, pushing their responsibilities upon coworkers, and feeling entitled to a raise after saving an Excel file twice.”, Professor Faux revealed.

The same study surprisingly shows that honest people also spend 2 hours of their workday on social media but have little to no interest in highlighting their own virtues. “They prefer to let their actions speak for themselves. It’s a great energy saver!”, Professor Faux informs. “However, if you still want to embellish the truth, we recommend not to try too hard, not to put all of your 3 halos on display at once. Tone it down a little, that’s where the answer lies (successfully).”

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