Women everywhere cry tears of joy as the Bundesliga finally restarts

Germany. Europe. After several months of withdrawal symptoms and sheer existential emptiness, women around the world rejoice at the news that the Bundesliga will resume football matches this very weekend.

“It comes at the best possible moment. You know, football is life to me. I do have a TV and I know Harvard awards Law Degrees for watching courtroom dramas, but I’d much rather play in a different field at the moment.”, Refereecia Smith, a lifelong football fan confessed to our reporter.

Another female football aficionado told the Morning Sunset that she had more than enough of life without the electrifying sport. “Life withtout football is like a virus without a host. What I can tell you is that during the hiatus I found out my partner has a middle name. And it’s Dagobert.”, Gail Keeper revealed during our sit down. “Also, he made me watch Dirty Dancing, The Bodyguard, and The Sound of Music in one weekend. Please God, have mercy on my soul! Lord, I need to see the ball roll!”

The Bundesliga, which is just like the Spanish Liga but in Germany, will restart today with 6 exciting matches.

Don’t worry guys, you won’t have to watch them all!

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