Did you know the most popular search on Bing is Google?

Planet Earth. There’s something wrong with the world today, I don’t know what it is. Something’s wrong with our tries to find what we are looking for.

Studies show that ever since the internet was established by the elders of telecommunication, one of the most searched for query on the search engine Bing is Google. Let’s deconstruct this for a moment now. Bing is a search engine of its own. Google is a search engine too. Or the other way around, whatever.

Why the deuce would 25.000.000 people worldwide try year after year to reach a search engine via another search engine? Isn’t that like putting on a second pair of legs to go running? Some scientists believe to have found the explanation for this strange behavior. “People are afraid to type Google in Google because they think they might break the internet. Where they get this idea from is still under investigation.”, IT Specialist Maurice Moss informed The Morning Sunset reporter after we contacted him for comment. “We suspect most people searching Google on Bing are relying on Internet Explorer to do so.” That just totally makes sense.

Apart from Google, the most popular searches in Bing are questions related to refunds, inquiries about where to find your IP address, and the nature of love. Knowledgethirsty people take Bing by storm every day and Bing loves it, but would deeply appreciate if they would stop making their biggest competitor, Google, the number 1 search query in their entire history. It’s like going to a Coke factory and asking for a Pepsi, like asking to drive a Mercedes at a BMW dealership, like trying to call your girlfriend and accidentally calling your wife. There are some things one simply doesn’t do.

Take life by the horns, stop googling Google in Bing and don’t bing Bing in Google either. Just settle on a default search engine and boom, you’ll be living on the Edge!

Oh, shoot….

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