Ben & Jerry’s launches new garlic ice cream flavor ‘Take my breath away’

Burlington. Vermont. Only a few months after releasing the online streaming service flavored ice cream Netflix & Chilll’d, Ben & Jerry’s do it again.

Jell Lato, CEO of the ice cream giant, advertised the new product as “groundbreaking, vibrant, and bursting with personality.” Without a doubt, he had every right to describe the garlic-flavored ice cream in those terms. “We’ve done this strawberry cheesecake, cookie dough, chocolate fudge brownie thing for too long now. We’re definitely ready to step away from our comfort zone and into the realm of originality. Once the new direction was embraced, there was no doubt in our minds, that garlic deserved the spotlight. I mean, the flavor is bound to be a hit at least in Romania!”, according to Jell Lato.

Ben & Jerry’s stop at nothing when it comes to pushing the envelope in the marketing department as well. Take my breath away honors, of course, Top Gun, the 80s action movie classic, whose sequel Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled to be released later this summer. “Ice cream and TV go really well together and the response from our customers has been overwhelming. After getting a taste of Netflix and Jimmy Fallon in the past, we’d like our customers to get a taste of the classics too. Apart from that, Take my breath away really does justice to any garlic-eating experience, if you know what I mean.”, CEO Jell Lato elaborated on the connection between the product and its name.

Strawberry, vanilla, or mango – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Live a little, dare a little, try the new garlic-flavored ice cream dream! It also works really well with horror movies, you know, as it helps keep vampires at bay and such, literally taking their breath away.

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