Twin Peaks prepares for unique socially distant 30th-anniversary

Happy Birthday, Twin Peaks!

Twin Peaks. Washington. “It is when your favorite series reaches a certain age, that you realize how time has flown”, mystery horror drama expert BOB explains. “I remember watching this show when I was younger and here we are today, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Come to think about it, some people never even reach that age…”

“Never mind BOB, he’s always been a little overexcited.”, Leland Palmer interrupts. “This evening will hopefully be as happy as any. We expect the entire cast and crew together with creators David Lynch and Mark Frost to join us for a special dinner party. We’ll scatter throughout the entire Pacific Northwest as we, of course, comply with the current social distancing norms, we’ll be few and far between up in the mysterious woods of Snoqualmie. It is going to be creepy, to say the least.”, Leland Palmer, designated host, assures us.

“Under no circumstances do we want to make the cast and contributors of Season 3 feel left out, that’s why we implemented an entire electrical infrastructure so that the AC power sockets would feel at home. Additionally, logs and their respective ladies are more than welcome.”, Shelly, the world’s most inspiring, loved and cherished, look-up to and adored waitress informs. “I love you, Shelly!!!!!” a die-hard fan screamed through the window while we were interviewing her. Oh, don’t we all <3

The silent star of Season 3

You know, there are two kinds of people in the world: the Shelly Johnson aficionados and the Audrey Horne admirers. It’s okay, don’t feel pressured to pick sides, here, we love and value them both. Moreover, it is also socially acceptable to be on the Laura Palmer team, just don’t try the look at home.

So, meet us tonight at 8pm at the Black Lodge, the White Lodge or the Red Room and we’ll see you again in twenty-five years. Bring some cherry pie!

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