New pet name generator mixes favorite things into perfect moniker


Dogville. The United Kingdom. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens? This amazing tool has got you covered.

Have you been waiting for much too long to welcome a dog or any other pet into your life? Yeah, we know… *Moment of silence*. Snap out of it! The hard part is behind you now and you are about to meet your heart’s darling. Except you have no clue what to name this much-expected miracle, right?
What name is even dignified enough for such a divine creature? will help you mix your favorite things into a gorgeous, but also balanced pet name. Yes, we are looking at you, Louis The Great, Sun King – people. Oh, by the way, it appears that the smaller the dog, the greater the need to overcompensate with a bombastic name. Have you ever seen an Irish Wolfhound called Richard Lionheart? That is because they already are freaking Richard Lionheart – it doesn’t need to go on a sign in neon letters. blends your favorite things into a perfect pet name: Barkbeque? Pawetry? Woofels? If you have been nice, Santa will make you a happy pet mama or papa this Christmas, you better be ready.

A local couple decided to share their experience with the name generator. “We have been planning to adopt a dog for quite a while now. Last week we went to the local shelter to meet our future sweetheart already with a name in mind. You see I love the city of Barcelona and my partner loves Stracciatella (for some hidden and mysterious reason), that being said, Doggofavorito has come up with the perfect moniker for our pet, no, not Luis Su├íre. It is Stracciallona!”

Unfortunately, this article must end here as the reporter working on it could not recover from the severe fit of laughter brought on by hearing this name. A mixture of unimaginative ice cream and unnecessary independentist zeal. He was rushed to the hospital where he continued laughing until the morning hours, calmed only by the visit of his good boy, Charlie.

Stracciallona! It’s so cute, though!

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on an idea by Anonymous.

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