Switzerland grants asylum to the municipalities of Bitsch and Wankdorf


Swiss Confederation. Europe. After being confined to International Limbo by the Space  Assignment Organization for the past 2,5 years, the municipalities of Bitsch and Wankdorf were granted asylum in the German-speaking area of Switzerland. The Canton of Valais, respectively the Canton of Bern agreed upon adopting the two exiled localities after they were removed from the English-speaking world for obvious reasons.

“Here in Switzerland, we are trying to reduce Nameism. Discrimination based on an unlucky denomination is something frowned upon in our society. Yes, the municipalities’ names might trigger some giggles among the age group 11 – 19, but in all honesty, we’ve seen worse.”, Matteo Lustig, Head of the Bernese Space Assignment Organization Office, declares.

The Swiss are working on organizing tourist trips of the meanwhile famous municipalities. “Quite a few foreigners have expressed an interest in visiting these towns and like any visit to Switzerland we can only promise incredible nature, high-quality service, delicious cheese varieties and the best chocolate you’ve ever had.”, Mr. Lustig reinforces.

Bitsch and Wankdorf will open their doors to local and international tourism in December 2019, debuting an impressive Christmas market that’s already being put together. Come and see for yourself!

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