Budapest Wine Bar ‘The Bittersweet Traveller’ presents ingenious menu


The Bittersweet Traveller


Budapest. Hungary. A new wine bar has opened its doors to the public this autumn. The ‘Bittersweet Traveller’ promises a cozy atmosphere, quality wines, and also to balance out the Kebab invasion of Budapest. ‘We’re ambitious, I know’, the bar owner Mr. László Tokaj admits. ‘We’re trying to draw people to this place with live music, amazing decor and a fun, ingenious wine menu. We’re really focused on detail. That’s what makes the difference. Take a look!’


wine menu final
The Bittersweet Traveller’s ingenious menu



We expect you Monday to Sunday from 18:00 to 3:00 in Akácfa utca 47 with a solution to every problem.

 Mazel Tov! Cheers! Santé! Egészségedre!


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