Pharmacists report spike in Vitamin C sales during Street Parade weekend


Zürich. Switzerland.  Street Parade, one of the biggest house and techno street party in the world, did not fail to take participants by surprise once again. The 2019 edition brought a lot of fun, rhythmical noises identified as music and a health conscious pill popping session.

Pharmacists in the Zürich area reported a 200% increase in Vitamin C sales over the weekend. “This is an unprecedented event under these circumstances.”, Doris Sodium, a senior pharmacist explains. “I believe over the years people realized that keeping your body healthy and well nourished is the best way to maintain a high quality of life. The benefits of vitamin C are an indisputable fact. Its antioxidant qualities and boost to the immune system make vitamin C a superstar among vitamins. We are glad to see the population pop the right kind of pills.”

Colin Cane, a party-goer from Ireland, justifies his personal choice: “I decided to take vitamin C during my stay here for a fully energized experience. To be able to enjoy this weekend to the best of my abilities, I felt the need of external aid. Of course, there were other options, but why harm my body while having fun? After this great weekend, I’m thinking about what to experiment with next year: a vitamin B complex, activated charcoal, calcium? The sky is the limit. Not to mention the beneficial economic impact on my wallet.”

The party and the organizers received rave reviews from participants who mentioned  the use of vitamin C as one of the highlights of the fun packed weekend.

Kale chips, broccoli burgers and more dietary supplements are on the menu for next year.

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