Area woman moves to the fridge in order to survive Saharan heatwave sweeping Europe


Zürich. Switzerland. In an attempt to survive the unbearable heatwave that turned Europe into a red hot chili pepper, area woman Bethli Huber decided to move temporarily to the family kitchen. After a couple of hours spent in the sink cooling down under the running water, Bethli decided to take a nap in the fridge.

“I just can’t take it anymore. We closed our blinds, we pulled the curtains and it still felt like the Kalahari. That’s when I knew I belonged in the upper shelf of our refrigerator. Right by the cheeses. Additionally, I might try the salad drawer right under the wine dispenser.”

Bethli recommends that others try this simple and cost-effective temperature management technique. “Of course it’s not the most comfortable place to be, but it is a great environment to chill and reflect on all the times plastic landed in the wrong place (also) because of you. Luckily, the chocolate is nearby, ready to provide a quick endorphin boost to balance the (much needed) self-critical moment.

Asked when she plans to return to her bedroom, Bethli informed us that most probably sometime in the beginning of October, when temperatures will finally go down from 45 degrees Celsius to at least 38. Yaaaay!

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