Swiss authorities fine storm for arriving two hours later than expected

Uster. Switzerland. A severe storm was expected to hit the Eastern Swiss town of Uster yesterday at 18:00 (#!). Little did this common weather phenomenon know that you do not come and go as you please when one or more Swiss individuals are waiting for you.

At 18:02 locals started calling the emergency hotline in order to report that despite the strong, promising winds, not a drop of rain had fallen. A wave of shock quickly spread throughout the population, dispelled only by the authorities’ prompt intervention and reassurance that firm action will be taken.

“We contacted the local weather station and are waiting for detailed reports on this unfortunate situation. Additionally, we have fined the mischievous rain a total of CHF 30.495,-. You don’t get to disrupt people’s activities without any good reason and get away with it. Let’s see if the storm will like playing hard to get next time. Camélie Nimbus, Head of the Department for Meteorological Offences stated.

“Moreover, as of now, storms are obliged to partake in monthly instructional classes at any Swiss train station in order to become more familiarized with the concept of punctuality. Did you ever get on a train in Switzerland? I strongly recommend you do.”, Ms. Nimbus continued with suspicion in her eyes.

Apparently, the storm caught wind of the unpleasant situation and decided to cross the border into Germany, where punctuality crimes are a little less frowned upon than in Switzerland.

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on an idea by Anonymous.

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