Area woman almost interested enough in Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere to watch it


Barcelona. Spain. Game of Thrones, the one in a million TV series who brought joy and excitement to an entire planet, alongside mass tourism upon Croatia and Iceland, has done it again! April 14th was THE release date of the Season 8 Premiere. Fans around the world have waited for a considerable amount of time to see new glimpses of dragon-ridden action and the Saga’s heroes, the encounter reportedly being bitter-sweet for many.  Season 8 marks the ending of the beloved and critically acclaimed show.

We have interviewed a few locals to measure the level of excitement here in Catalonia and have come to a surprising discovery.

“I’ll be waiting for someone to dub this in Catalan or at least Spanish.”, Joan Ferran declared for The Morning Sunset earlier today. “We are used to dragons here in Catalonia. Come enjoy the Sant Jordi Festival with us on the 23rd of April. Spring is coming!”

Marina Teller, a fisherman’s wife, admits she prefers watching the local news for entertainment. “You can laugh, you can cry – there are lots of games of thrones here in Catalonia. We’ve seen it all and then some.”

Moving on we encountered a young lady on her way to work. She was in a hurry but  nonetheless decided to give us the time of day. Francesca Domenech, a produce shop owner, informed us that she almost watched the first episode this morning, by all means, she wanted to, but she was distracted by the first leg of her bi-weekly cute puppy photo scroll session, after which her neighbor knocked on her door with the latest gossip: “The corner store is selling artichokes for 20 cents less than the market price!!!”.
This information caused Francesa to run to the store so as to evaluate which fruit/vegetable she could put on sale today. “We need to match the cheekiness of the competition. It is a jungle out here! And the Iron Throne must not be occupied by the corner store mother of …. dragons!”

In conclusion, we can say that if there is some enthusiasm regarding the Season Premiere, it is, as Kundera liked to say – elsewhere.

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