Studies show that 100% of individuals who have tasted Burrata cheese believe in God


Puglia. Italy.  International scientists confirm they have gathered in Italy, the place where every culinary fantasy goes to be gratified, in order to study a curious phenomenon. It seems the puzzling behaviour that caught their attention first emerged in the South of Italy, namely the Apulia region, with an overwhelming tendency to spread throughout Europe and the other continents. But what is this about exactly?

“We started looking closely into a specific conduct after statistics showed an impressive number of people changing their spiritual orientation as a result of tasting the Italian cheese Burrata. The individuals, all previously self-declared atheists, started to seek  out distinct forms of religion, each and every one of them confessing to the unshakeable belief in the existence of God and his almighty power.”, sociologist David Stilton explains.

“You cannot taste Burrata and fail to see the mystery, magic and beauty of this world He created. How can something this sublime be man-made? Impossible.”, Maricarmen Fuentes, a Spanish tourist declares. “I came here to relax and have a good time with my friends, and I had never in my wildest dreams expected to find such firm ground for a spiritual Renaissance. And careful, we have pretty amazing food in Spain to begin with!”

“This cheese of the Gods has most certainly been put on Earth to make up for Brussel sprouts.”, Helga Gruyere, a Swiss tourist shares her experience. “I feel that everything makes sense now. Undoubtedly, everything happens for a reason. Otherwise how could I have ever discovered this somptuous piece of immortality? Yes, I am Swiss. If anything, we are proud of our cheeses! They are good, strong, honest pieces of joy – however if you are looking for an epihpany – by all means – Burrata is your go to piece of heaven.”

Scientists are puzzled by this phenomenon and try to get to the bottom of it. “We know cheese was produced by monks in the Middle Ages, so we do observe a strong connection between cheese and spiritual calling that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years.”, Jack Monterey, a reasearcher at the Food is Life Institute  of  Wiscons, explains.

Scientists are following more leads in order to understand the causal relation between overwhelmingly positive experiences and the belief in a transcendent spiritual power. “We have noticed similar behaviour in individuals acquainted to the music of Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach and those who enjoy a cold Coca-Cola (on the rocks, with a slice of lemon) on a hot summer’s day.”, Bree de Meaux, a Cheese Master from France, weighs in. We are following up and comparing the results with great interest.”,

As soon as the international commission will have reached a conclusion about this fascinating phenomenon, The Morning Sunset will report on the findings.

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