New browser version, Mozzarella Firefox 66.0.3, to be released on April 10

Mozzarella Firefox.jpg

Mountain View, California, United States. After receiving multiple requests from Gourmet Users from all over the world, especially Italy, the Mozilla Foundation decided to please its loyal user-base by releasing an improved version of the well-known browser.

“Mozzarella Firefox 66.0.3 is coming out in a couple of days to the delight of our end users. This is a personalized browser where people can check out cooking shows,  cooking websites, recipes, you name it. The most important feature is concerning food delivery orders placed via the new Mozzarella Firefox. We guarantee your order will be at your doorstep in less than 10 minutes accompanied by a complimentary Mozzarella di Buffala portion. We are breaking new ground in the service industry.”, Kevin Bacon, a former actor turned PR manager of the Mozilla Foundation, confirms.

Other than to offer personalized gourmet browsing, Mozzarella Firefox also promises to be twice as fast as any other browser when it comes down to searching information about the Red Panda, the original Firefox, of course. “Is there anything better than food and cute animals?”, Jascha Kayakas-Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer of Mozilla, asks rhetorically.

Please check out how Mozzarella Firefox was developed by clicking here and here.

Enjoy! Bon Appétit!


Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on an idea by Anonymous.

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