Colour engineer loses job after enjoying too many glasses of isopropyl alcohol



Barcelona. Spain. Experienced color engineer, Ruben Morado, was let go from his job Friday morning, February 22, after enjoying a few drinks too many with friends last weekend. In an attempt to comply with company policy, Ruben moved into the office just a couple of months ago as a necessary measure to maximize productivity and rentability for his employer. Ruben was kindly advised to sleep on a mattress under his desk and reduce his nights spent outside the office to 1 per month.

Thus, last Saturday evening, February 16, Ruben invited his best friends over for dinner and a couple of drinks. He had just broken up with this girlfriend a month ago in order to be able to focus more on work and make sure he is always giving 300% percent more than the 200% that is normally expected of someone who has the honor to work for his company. Not before long, he realized he was feeling kind of lonely.

It was time for besties, chemical engineers Methodore and his wife Polly-Ethylene, to come to the rescue. The three of them cooked a modest dinner and sat down to eat at the romantic blue light of Ruben’s computer. They had a few glasses of wine but soon discovered that not much was left for the rest of the evening. Being already a bit tipsy, Ruben suggested checking his local stash which led to the discovery of several liters of isopropyl alcohol, normally used to clean the machines he worked on and annoy annoying co-workers.

His friends seemed very eager to try, despite their better judgement. Of course, the euphoria did not last long, because Ruben still had some unfinished projects to go over. He didn’t even bother to call an ambulance when they all fell sick as his current deadlines did not allow time wasted at the emergency room. Methodore and Polly hailed a cab with whatever energy they had left and rushed home to sleep it off, while Ruben just continued his existence in front of the computer. He may have had a couple of glasses more, later confessing that “the label on the bottle said IPA” and that “at that point, he perceived whatever it was that he wanted to perceive”.

After a short while, Ruben was knocked out by his drink of choice, only to wake up the next day and find that his vision was affected.¬† He could not see colors as bright anymore and everything was a blur. It was only a matter of days until Ruben went completely blind becoming a liability for his employer. Being of no use to his company, Ruben was sent home today. They let him take his beloved spectrophotometer with him (it was an old one anyway) and invited him to indulge in another bottle of isopropyl alcohol to the amusement of most of his colleagues, which Ruben for the time being declined. “Good riddance” said a card signed by none.

Maybe this weekend Methodore will stop by Ruben’s place. Until then Ruben will try to adjust to life at home again, although he is really not sure what he can do in a world where the sound of the spectrophotometer is not always in the background. Maybe at some point, he will aks Methodore for help in finding a way for the blind to be able to work with color again.

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