The USA comes to Venezuela’s aid in an attempt to save petroleum from exploitation


Washington D.C. The United States of America. One night before going to sleep Donald Trump noticed the coffee coaster on his nightstand had changed. It was a strangely shaped thing with a pretty hardcover. Upon googling it, Mr. Trump found out this was a book. And not just any book, but Bertrand Russell’s “Proposed Roads to Freedom”. Funny, last time he had checked this Russell guy was a comedian.

He started reading and thought about the injustice in the world, about exploitation, hunger and how society could improve. Despite the socialist ideological stain, he felt this guy was on to something. Suddenly, as if lightning had struck him on a stormy night, Mr. Trump remembered he was the president of the United States and he could actually provoke change. He grabbed his phone and started tweeting “Exploitation no more! The USA in defense of global oil. Starting AYSAP”.

Mr. Trump thought about areas of the world where petroleum had not been freed by the brave yet and Venezuela immediately came to mind. A country where oil is going through a serious and severe humanitarian crisis. The lack of means has impacted petroleum’s quality of life leaving it to fend for itself in a deeply violent and corrupt society. The situation escalated to such an extent that Mr. Trump felt morally compelled to intervene in order to re-establish peace among oil rigs, better extraction methods, and improved storage conditions.

Mr. Trump released a statement saying that with oil being the world’s primary fuel we must treat it right and provide everything it needs in order to thrive.

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is expectedly less than thrilled about the North American helping hand.  However, the situation has been critical for more or less 10 years now. Citizens of Venezuela have been facing for over a decade a deepening political crisis, deadly violence, a scarcity of means, including a very poor health infrastructure with the situation constantly worsening. Mr. Trump hopes that imposing sanctions on the state-owned PDVSA  will free oil from constant exploitation so that one day someone will have time to worry about the country’s population as well.


Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on an idea by Anonymous.

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