Studies find placing favourite candy at arm’s length is likely to sabotage diet plans



Barcelona. Spain. We have come again to the end of January – the time of the year when one can still remember the weight loss resolutions made at the end of December, but not fondly enough in order to escape the bargaining stage of any weight loss journey.  It takes generally between three to four weeks of deprivation until your inner watchman is ready to give in. A little.

“After one month of saying no to everything that gives life meaning, it is natural to start thinking about the good times one had with a jar of Nutella, a bag of Haribo, marshmallows or plain old chocolate. People start feeling entitled to grab a “small bite” for all those times when they refrained from culinary excesses.”, British Nutrition Explorer, Ph.D. James Cook asserts. “Thus one enters the bargaining stage of the dieting plan when people basically negotiate their food intake with their superego. This is generally bad news. Our studies show that obsessive thoughts start attacking the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex where self-control is managed. Phrases such as “just one small piece”, “but it looks so good” or “come on, now,  it’s Sunday” begin to furrow deep into the hippocampus, caudate and insula. However, the consequences we have discovered are always the same. Loosening rules leads to absolute chaos.”, James Cook continued.

Studies show that trying to change your diet opens the door to a whole new arsenal of self sabotaging tools. Especially keeping your favorite candy at arm’s length has been proven to increase the probability of weight gain by 99,99%, whereas keeping it in your pantry only represents 63% of increased risk. The psychological effects of giving in are also considerable. “The post sugar rush guilt is detrimental to mental health and your general motivation.”, psychologist Eduard Mindful explains.

Scientists advise it is better to keep your food stored at the supermarket. They have enough room, correct temperatures, and additionally, you need increased willpower to go get the goodies. The lengthy process of getting dressed, leaving the house and walk  a few hundred meters for something you have to pay for is enough to disarm 75% of dieters. “Studies also show that you can’t eat what is not there.”, James Cook informs.

In conclusion, the most important aspect to understand is that the line between eating only two gummy bears and eating the whole pack (because actually one ate 80% of it anyway so it’s all the same, what the heck)  is a very thin one. Don’t take that chance. It’s not worth it. Stay away from the enemy that hides behind the mask of a perfectly soft, delicious, golden gummy bear.





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