Scientists reconstruct rare Elvisaurus Rex specimen and expose it at McDonald’s


California, USA. Formerly known as Laramidia. A rare statue of an Elvisaurus Rex specimen was exposed Wednesday, January 22, in a McDonald’s restaurant in Sacramento, California. The third-degree cousin of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is mostly known for being the source of inspiration for Elvis’ hairstyle, as well as for his nickname: The King (Rex means King in really old Italian).

“We invite kids to yank at it and ask him to play some songs. The Elvisaurus Rex is well-known for his advanced musical skills. Not only was he a really cool looking dinosaur, but he could sing, dance, and play instruments. The only artistically inclined dinosaur in history is also a very sociable member of the species, known to devour on average only 3 out of 5 potential threats.”, Paleontologist Paulie Otto Logan Geest explains.

“Dinosaurs are fascinating and yet all we know about them comes from the study of fossils, with the unique exception of the Elvisaurus. This dinosaur’s hairstyle stood the test of time like no other and was miraculously preserved intact. Can you imagine what other dinos must have looked like and how much inspiration we could have drawn from them?”, Mr. Geest gushed about the lovely creatures.

Kids are amazed by the singing dino with the cool hairstyle and many parents admit that they had no idea Elvis basically copied his vibe, saying that dinosaur impact on Western pop culture is not something that’s always on their minds. Other adults in the room stated that they forgot to remember to forget and had in inkling of the dino’s influence on the biggest rock and roller of all time.

The interviews, however, were cut short by Elvisaurus as he started singing the beloved pre-tectonic-plates-movement classic:

###Wop-bop-a-loom-a-boom-bam-boom tutti frutti
au rutti tutti frutti au rutti tutti frutti
au rutti tutti frutti au rutti tutti frutti
au rutti wop-bop-a-loom-bop-a-boom-bam-boom###

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on a great idea by Anonymous.

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