Socially acceptable period of spreading New Year wishes extended to March 1


Planet Earth. After identifying an increased enthusiasm among the population for spreading New Year wishes way past its socially accepted date, the Ministry for Common Sense Affairs issued a statement on Thursday, January 18, informing that everyone is welcome to keep wishing a happy new year, love, luck, happiness to their friends, family, and foes up until March 1.

“Eyerolling and frowning are discouraged upon receiving the good wishes 15, 25, or even 55 days after New Year’s Eve”, Ford Liff-Clover, spokesperson for the Ministry of Good Luck Wishes recommends. “Just nod, smile and say thank you”, he continued. “Be nice.”

Out with the old, in with the new(ish): may you be happy the whole year through(ish).

Happy New Year!

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