North Korean national football team named best team in the world


Pyongyang. North Korea. Despite a shameful loss against Qatar on January 13, North Korea’s national team is still standing tall in the race for the Asian Cup.

The only team in history who can only lose once, North Korea, is presented with one logical option on January 17 in their match against Lebanon: to win. The extraordinary success of this team is clearly a direct consequence of the unsurpassed ambition of their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un.

The North Korean Leader’s support is so all-encompassing in fact, that Jong-Un has sworn to deport all players to hard labor camps where they will be taught “real football” if they lose again. This works as a wonderful motivational tool encouraging players to push themselves on the field. Should the team lose, all the members will be deported, then replaced, making it impossible for the same composition to lose twice.

The North Korean football team is doubtless the most successful in the world, due to this ingenious rotation. They are coached, trained and cheered on by the Supreme Leader – the Renaissance man, the athletic wonder, the reason why the Elative was introduced into the Korean language. Nobody compares to this great character.

Okay, maybe Trump a little.


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