First Cold & Flu Bar to open in Barcelona in February


Barcelona. Spain. Following an extreme number of citizens falling ill in winter, because of the low temperature, the high humidity and the, sometimes, extremely chilly winds that are typical for this Mediterranean city, local entrepreneur Fernan Dol, has decided to make a new service available to the flu- and fever-ridden population.

“Your health took a hit, why should your social life? We want to provide an environment where people are welcome to display their symptoms confidently. You can cough, sneeze and complain as your heart desires, while enjoying our homemade remedies, special teas and delicious cups of Frenadol, Coldrex, Neocitran. Strong liquors are also available under the counter for Eastern Europeans and other brave peoples. The average room temperature will be 26°C so that you don’t have to shiver all the time, additionally, you can bring your own blanket to sweat out the cold.”

“I am looking forward to the special Vitamin cocktails! They say the menu is going to be fantastic!”, area sick person Jordi Friolero gushes about the new bar.

¡Ostia, qué frío!the first bar for the sick in the Catalan region will open its doors on February 1st. Come in, have a drink and let your germs mingle!”

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