Barcelona temperatures drop from 18 °C to 15 °C as Arctic cold wave hits Catalonia


Barcelona. Spain. “We are frightened and don’t know how exactly to deal with this over the next three days”, area woman Alba Abella declares. This is how long the cold wave is estimated to last in the beautiful Spanish region of Catalonia.

With temperatures dropping from an average of 18 °C to a bitter 15°C, and the unimaginable 11°C  on Friday, January 11th, the population is slowly starting to panic.

“We have considered barricading ourselves in our homes and drinking lots of imported strong liquor”, Josep Maspoch, a liquor salesman suggests.

“It is unusual for people here to suffer such low temperatures. It comes as a shock and we, the authorities, are working on a project allowing people to stay at home and discontinue work whenever the temperatures go below 15 degrees Celsius. The people’s safety and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us.”, Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona informs.  “Of course, the same goes for children. School is out during the “small ice age” – as we like to refer to it.”

Order and normalcy are expected to be established in Catalonia on Saturday, January 12, when people will be able to go on enjoying the end of season sales. They are advised to limit leaving the house until then and to make sure they stash up on food cans and potable water. As well as enough jamón, tomatoes and olive oil, which goes without saying.”

“We recommend citizens pick up free Vitamin D supplements at their local drugstores, to help with the bleak days of diminished sunshine and lower temperatures.”, mayor Ada Colau advises. “Also, special services are being held in churches all over the city and in Montserrat requesting the speedy return of good weather .”

Good luck to everyone! May the sun shine through!

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