Thursday and Saturday stand up for Black Friday demanding equal rights and an end to discrimination


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “We have been putting up with this since 1952”, Thursday exclaimed. “We have been standing on the sidelines for far too long, both me and Saturday. Simply watching as our neighbor Friday is being taken advantage of, ridiculed,  stomped upon, forced to sell its goods at half a price or even worse – all of it – just doesn’t cut it anymore. The time has come to speak out against this grave injustice. Our brother is being treated in the worst possible way.”

Saturday intervened: “I don’t know how we have allowed this to go on for so long. Black Friday? Black!? What is this!? The Free World in 2018? What’s next: The Chinese Yellow New Year?”

Friday’s mood seems to have dramatically dropped already. He seems to be feeling so low actually, that he is unable to start commenting on the issue at hand. This is by far and without a doubt the worst day of the year for Friday!

“Let’s help him regain his voice. Stay at home, please. Stop consuming and stop name-calling, you overspending piece of white-ish tr****”, Thursday lost it… Again.  (Ed. Long history of anger management issues. We already spoke to a therapist on behalf of Thursday. The deals are pretty sweet this time of the year. Free Friday!!!)

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, with suggestions by Anonymous.

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