Indian Shared Service Center ready to outsource manpower to Germany


Mumbai, India. A groundbreaking business model has been presented to the board of ISSC / India Shared Services Center. Ready to bring the customer experience to the next level, the leaders of the company have decided to outsource their technical support team to Germany.

“We hear that Germans are known for their rigorousness, their commitment to work and their desire to achieve and surpass their professional goals. They are also known for their punctuality (although they got nothing on the Swiss) and seriousness. German workers are associated with correctness, accuracy, a speedy delivery, and last but not least, a strong sense of following the leader. These are the people we want to support our employees.”

The Indian shareholders are very pleased with this plan, however a bit worried about the cost efficiency of this project. “Western European workforce seems to still be somewhat expensive. Alternatively, we could open an office in Berlin.”

Of course, the local employees are frightened. They know this change will affect their jobs and, for many of them, result in unemployment. The  entire team wrote an open letter to the management of the technical department, stressing that German workers alongside responsibilites, had rights and demands. “Bear in mind that you are moving our department to a country where workers have over a month of holidays, medical insurance and retirement plans. The tendency  to work unpaid overtime is also lower in Germany.”, the letter truthfully informed.

Unimpressed with the workers letter, and quite sure that such a country cannot really exist, the CEO has already given freehand to HR to start looking for potential employees. “Overall there are no major concerns in executing this change, except for one.” Kumar Rajesh Gupta, CEO of the company, declared”. “How are we going to understand the strong German accent?”

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on a great idea by Anonymous.

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