Rats of Barcelona move to England after annual rainfall almost reaches the double of London’s


Barcelona. Spain. All rats of Barcelona have had it! Catalan, Spanish and Guiri Rats agree that it is not acceptable to live in these sewers anymore.

“The quantity of water we have seen lately is beyond any imagination. We struggle to find new homes and new places to hang out, but it just gets unbearable after a point. First the rents going up, now this!”

The rats of Barcelona have declared war on the cities shortcomings and decided to move up North.

“People tend to associate rain with the UK. People who never lived in Catalunya, that is. Meteorologists have issued a public statement for the year 2018 saying that the quantity of rainwater in Barcelona has reached almost twice the amount of the rain quantity in London. Dunno if you catch my drift here, but we’re out of this rathole.”

It seems like the mayor is not all too impressed and gives approximately a rat’s arse about the rodents’ exodus. “They’re free to go for all I care. We have an ongoing housing issue here in Barcelona. This will give us the opportunity to create more flats for our locals in the city sewer area! You’re welcome.”

The rats’ ship leaves for Plymouth first thing on Thursday morning. On Wednesday they have a arrangement to chew down the main cables of the City Hall’s network system. A souvenir. Locals are welcome to join in the act of irrational, but highly gratifying vandalism.

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