Loch Ness monster almost sure he saw humans at breakfast


Highland, Scotland. United Kingdom. The Loch Ness Monster, affectionately and justifiedly referred to as Nessie, reported a strange occurrence this morning as a consequence of unexpected eyesight improvement. While swimming in what he thought of as his natural habitat, he started to see something strange. A two-legged creature was standing in front of him with a weird head out of which two eyes were staring. The next thing Nessie knew was that the two-legged creature used his paw to raise NessieĀ“s world up to his head after which the water level of his lake suddenly dropped. This made absolutely no sense. Something like this had never happened before.

Ever since leaving the dark cardboard box, he was stored in, Nessie’s senses started to improve. He could hear, see and feel better, enjoying the fact that he was placed in water soon after his release. Yes, the water temperature was a bit too high for his taste, but he decided to try and be flexible. Then out of nowhere this weird creature started to move and sipped all the water out of Nessie’s loch. Judging by the rapidity with which his natural habitat was destroyed, Nessie immediately realized that this must be the much talked about human creature, but he had no other immediate proof, as these creatures tended to live on land, not in the water, and were rarely spotted among Plesiosaurs.

Excited by his discovery Nessie wanted to go and tell the rest of his kind about this incredible event. Right after being showered in the sink by the human creature and placed in a sort of dry cupboard along other cute fun colored Nessies, the little cutie was ready to share his findings!

“These humans are so weird, right? Like they wouldn’t know we live in water.” – his brothers greeted him upon entering the cupboard.

“I saw a human creature, dudes!!!”, Nessie yelled excitedly.

All the other Nessies yawned and looked a each other: “A newbie”.

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, suggested by Anonymous.

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