Area woman excited about the cold season bringing new opportunities for unsolicited advice on how to take care of yourself and avoid getting sick


Barcelona. Spain. There is nothing like fall and winter for someone like me”, the eternally preoccupied area woman Wendy Autumn tells our colleague Juanjo Invierno during their interview on Tuesday. “Throughout the year there are many opportunities for me to think about the wellbeing of others and warn them against invisible dangers such as texting and driving or not wearing any sunscreen on a July afternoon (yes, you!). It’s not like people can’t look after themselves, but everyone is busy and may forget some small details that in the long run turn out really important. That`s where I step in, and let me tell you, by far the best season for worrying about loved ones is winter! Yaaaay!”

“Wendy, how does winter boost your preoccupation with the wellbeing of others?”

“Mainly, the possibilities and occasions to ask them if they put a warm coat or a hat on are literally endless. If by chance there is a snowstorm, I can also try and make sure they closed the windows and that their fridge is in full survival mode and by that I don’t mean a tortilla from last Christmas. ”

“Sounds reasonable Wendy. Tell us, what are your top three questions?

“Oh, God, this is so exciting! I mean, BY FAR, my favorite question is Have you eaten? Followed, of course, by its twins: What have you eaten? and Was it tasty? This is so cool for a number of reasons the most important being that it opens a conversation about food. I mean, what better topics are out there? You can discuss recipes, make plans about what to try next or where to go out to eat. It’s cool. And in winter especially comforting.

Of course, there is life beyond food, sort of, leading us to my second favorite request: Text me when you get home. This is a no-brainer for several reasons. Have you seen what goes on in the streets and highways today? People are mental. They drive too fast, they drive too slow, they are reckless when it comes to their safety and that of others. I mean, it’s really important to know the people I care about got home safely, whether they were getting back from a trip or just returning home from a night out.

And last but not least, Juanjo, I think I’m gonna go with Did you drink enough water? There is so much negativity in the world, isn’t there? Why choose to be a prick when you can just be nice to each other? And not drinking enough water is the root of most evil, wouldn´t you agree?”

“Wendy, how much is too much? I am sure the people closest to you have reached an adult age after having developed strong survival skills and an ability to lead an independent life. Is your enthusiasm met with resistance sometimes?”

“I have no idea what you`re talking about. Juanjo, what do you mean?”

“Wendy, should someone constantly worry about whether you’re hot or cold, whether you ate or not and whether you took your umbrella with you on a rainy day, successfully transferred from one bus to another without getting hit by either after you remembered to lock the door, but before drinking 8 glasses of water and putting a sweater on in order to avoid catching a cold because it`s windy today, how would that make you feel?”

“Honestly, Juanjo, that sounds pretty….that, that sounds pretty…. annoying… But it’s also kind of nice, isn’t it?”

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