Technical Analyst sentenced to death by management after sending the wrong spare part to end customer


Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. “A technical analyst has been placed on death row by his employer after he ordered a wrong spare part for an important customer”, the spokesperson of the leading brand in the printing industry confirmed on Wednesday.

The news quickly spread, filling the community with fear and sparking heated debates among the company’s current employees. “While the decision may seem a little harsh, we would like to set an example for the level of dedication and concentration we expect from our workers. We don’t treat our business lightly and neither should you. In this case, a highly sensitive customer had to stop production for an entire day. This level of carelessness is utterly unacceptable and results in the termination of the employee. Like, literally.”

A general meeting is expected to take place tomorrow to explain the new rules to the current employees and discuss the details of the execution of their colleague. “Ideas are welcome with respect to the way of dealing with this particular case. There will be a poll on how to end our colleague’s life, people can vote and express their opinion. Also, there’s a free buffet for everyone.”, CEO  Phseyko Patrick announced.

The thought of food seemed to calm everyone down. “After all”, one could hear colleagues talking among themselves, “they aren’t called executives for nothing.”

Meanwhile, the reckless technical analyst is locked in a meeting room, where he is given a chance to reflect on his deeds until the execution is scheduled. Thinking of the extreme boredom he might feel locked up in there all alone with almost no battery left to his phone, a thoughtful colleague sneaked in a book to cheer him up a little. “He always seemed like a Kafka kind of guy to me.”

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on a great idea by Anonymous.

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