L’Oréal starts a skin care revolution by releasing its new Michael Myers face mask


Paris, France. L’Oréal, the world leader in beauty, decided to keep giving to its customers and take the cosmetics market by surprise.  Last Friday, August 25, the cosmetic giant released a revolutionary beautifying mask paying tribute to slasher film character Michael Myers. “Apart from hydrating your skin and visibly reducing wrinkles, this incredibly efficient face mask makes women run faster and manipulate sharp objects with increased dexterity. We are looking to push the envelope when it comes to bringing something new to the table and making our customers’ lives easier, more enjoyable.”, Joanna Carpenter, director of the skincare products department shares with the public.

“The mask does wonders to your skin, it calms and soothes it, invigorates and nourishes it, leaving a soft, supple, and radiant feeling. A major plus compared to your usual face mask is that it also provides you with a mysterious air covering your entire face, your head, and your neck.”, Johanna continues. “It is designed to enhance your night vision and provide you with a sense of omnipresence. Once you put it on, everyone will start to notice you’re there.”, the label advertises.

The ladies who have already tested it, reported a confidence boost after wearing the mask, with some of them even reporting that this mask literally “saved their lives” when they thought they had no place left to hide from bad and dry skin. Others, reportedly look forward to October when they plan to make use of this mask as their Halloween costume. “The multiple functionalities of this product are undeniable”, Johanna adds. “After all, this is what we do here at L’Oréal.  We develop the best products in order to make your skin healthier, your life easier, and your neighbors stay behind closed doors.”

Because you’re worth it!

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