Brazilian team exits FIFA World Cup offering Neymar Jr the opportunity to focus on his acting career

Brazil v Mexico: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Kazan, Russia. An exciting and thrilling match took place tonight, one that would end with Belgium’s qualification in the World Cup semifinal  and Brazil’s unexpected demise. Many are inclined to receive the news of Belgium’s superiority with shock and horror, but not Neymar Jr.

As on optimist by nature he is inclined to always look on the bright side and see the good in everything. “I’m gonna take this chance to focus on my acting career. I have been told by quite a few peers and supporters that I am really good at acting. So good in fact, that I  should probably work on developing these skills outside the field. I intend to dedicate some time to it and see where it can take me. It’s pretty clear I have a special gift for drama.”

The interview was cut short as the team hurried to pack and book their flights back home. Everyone seemed supportive of Neymar’s decision and look forward to seeing his next production: “Rolling and sliding in Las Vegas”.

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