With Argentina, Spain, Portugal, and Germany out of the picture, experts say Romania is “most likely” to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup


Moscow. Russia. It’s been one wild World Cup so far! With four of the strongest teams out of the picture, the future of this competition is beyond unpredictable. Messi and Ronaldo have left the game on the same day, shortly after (rightfully) overdosing on Schadenfreude as the German team lost to South Korea on Wednesday, June 27.

Online Sports betting sites have made a fortune so far and are about to draw in a couple of more benefits from supporters’ confusion. With Brazil, France and Croatia currently having the best chance to win this World Cup a new team has emerged on the favorites’ list: Romania.

Rising from its ashes, a team that intially did not even qualify to play in the World Cup, Romania was thrown back in for entertainment value. “As everything seems to be upside down, it is most likely that Romania wins this competition. It’s clearly the era of the underdog”, sports commentator Norman Knowles informs. “People love the unforseen and by the looks of it, Romania might just pick up where it left off in 1994.”

Contacted by our reporters for further comments, the team’s coach said that at the moment they are unreachable and dedicating all their time to training.  By the looks of it, they are very prone to cramps after long years of domestic chores such as money laundering and writing appreciation letters to incracerated club owners.

Rise up! It’s time for some action, boys, lest the Russians….you know!

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