Area woman down with any team winning the FIFA world championship as long as it’s the Argentinian selection


Barcelona, Spain. Maria Fernandez, 39, formerly known as indifferent to football, seemed to display a very detached attitude towards the much debated sport and team preferences when randomly approached on the street by our reporter.

She was happy to answer a couple of questions for our ongoing survey. More details below.

“Maria, what do you think about the importance of football in our society? How important is this for you personally?”

“Honestly, it seems to me that some people get overheated about it. After all, this is a game people should enjoy, not something to get mad or violent over. Sure, we all have our preferences and root for one team or another, but at the end of the day, it’s a sport, it’s not like Trump is ruling your country. I like it. I can’t say I’ve always been into it,  but it’s not too bad. It grows on you.”

“Do you have a favorite team, Maria? Someone you’d really like to see winning?”

“Truth be told, I’m very laid back. I’m down with any team winning the FIFA world championship as long as it’s the Argentinian selection.”

“Ohhh, I’m not sure that makes sense, Maria. So you do have a preference?”

“I’m relaxed and mostly just want to see a good game. May the best win, as long as the best is the Argentinian team.”

“Maria, I’m not sure you’ve been following the matches they’ve had so far.”

“Sure I have, and yes, it may be that the Croatian team was somewhat superior, but what kind of supporter abandons their team when they’ve run in a bit of a bad luck?”

“Right, Maria, what has been in your opinion the most memorable world cup?”

“Well, certainly not the last one!”

“Oookay, you mean the one where Argenti -“

“Not another word, Fernando or it’s your life”, Maria said as she threatened our reporter with a metal straw she probably uses to drink her mate tea with.

At this point, Fernando, fearing for his life but dedicated to his journalistic duty, asked Maria the last question of the survey.

“Is there any other team you sympathize with?”

“What do you think, Fernando? Not if I would like to avoid being single again. Or…actually, tell me, what do you think about the Belgian selection?”

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