Diplodocus recovers from a 152 million years hangover only to find his species has become extinct



Mid-Western North America. A one of a kind 30 meter long Diplodocus felt something in his eyes this morning as he was waking up from 152 million years of sleep. It was the light shining through the beautiful leaves of the tree he has been sleeping under for quite a while now.

He remembered the night before and the awesome party where he apparently had had a few fermented fruit juices too many. He also vaguely recalled making a pass at this really gorgeous Stegosaurus lady called Tiffany. According to his friends she was supposed to be into tall and strong dinosaurs such as himself. Suddenly another flashback hit him as he recalled in horror the words “You Diplodick!” falling out of her pretty mouth, followed by a  loud slap. “Superoriginal, Tiffany!”, he thought to himself as he rose to his feet.

Little did he know the troubles ahead were somewhat more substantial than that stinging remark. As soon as he got up, he could see something was wrong. Many rectangle blocks of something were moving really fast and they seemed to have some weird creatures in them. There were even bigger blocks of regular shape displaying all sorts of colours and some of them reflecting light. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t.

He looked around. There was nobody. Nobody that he knew, anyway.

“Tiffany?”, he heard himself call softly.

Suddenly he heard something move behind him and a little creature walking on two legs stepped out of the bushes. It was really small and his nose was running. The danger perceived was minimal. They carefully approached each other and the small creature held out his hand, introducing himself: “Hi, I am Mark”. The Diplodocus almost crushed Mark when he lifted his foot to introduce himself too.  Well, this is embarrassing, but he sort of forgot his name. It must have been the booze or all those years passing, that messed  with his memory.  Mark, who was a supersmart boy and loved dinosaurs like all supersmart boys, recognized his kind and proposed to call him Dippy.”

Mark explained to Dippy that during the last millions of years during which he was asleep, the world had changed quite a bit and that his friends had vanished from Earth. Actually he could still see their bones in a museum, but probably that’s not what he hoped to hear when he asked “Where’s everybody?”. Mark also told him that we were not really 100% sure how his species got extinct and some people still don’t believe they ever existed at all. Dippy was really astounded by all of this. “All my friends are dead?  You don’t believe I ever existed? Am  I supposed to walk on two feet now? Oh boy…”

A deep sadness came over Dippy as he tried to take in the new world order, but Mark had a plan. In order to save Dippy from exploitation, a life at the Zoo or in the captivity of a mad scientist, Mark decided to shelter him in his secret garden. “You would be my first dinosaur friend, Dippy!” Clearly he accepted and was happy about it. Mark seemed like a really nice and small enough biped who would surely play some form of catch with him and drink a lot of fermented fruit juice when he got older and bigger. Although not as big as Dippy.

“All my friends are dead, but I just made a new one”, Dippy thought to himself as he entered the lush secret garden in a less than elegant manner. Amazing fruit and leaves were hanging everywhere and truth be told he was starting to feel hungry. “I’ve never felt so happy to be a herbivore in a biped’s garden before!”

The End.

Written by Ana-Maria Taut, based on a great idea by Anonymous.

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