Overseas friend very impressed with marvellous Croatian wedding


Vinkovci, Croatia. After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the 30th of April finally arrived. Friends and family united in the lovely Slavonian town of Vinkovci to celebrate a special union between a Croatian and Canadian citizen, whose national identity was revealed and supported by two awesome and huge flags.

The guests were received very warmly, they reportedly had a lot of fun and were deeply impressed by everyone´s kindness and hospitality. The few drops of rain that fell during the late afternoon did not really bother anyone.

It is possible that a few tears were shed as the bride and groom read out their vows.  Some guests stated that they were genuine, heartfelt and very touching. Much like the whole ceremony which displayed a lot of integrity and very little pointless official chatter.

There was some serious dancing going on by 10pm, an activity that was only interrupted by the delicious food that was served. The meal was so delicious in fact, that one could simply not stop eating despite the brain signaling satiety to the rest of the body with increasing desperation.  As several guests observed, the only drawback was the difficulty of abusing the inviting Rakia around that much food, but then again maybe that wasn´t such a bad thing after all. The morning after damage control was basically nonexistent and unnecessary, leaving many of the guests feeling like proper adults in control of their lives.

Overall the experience was simply amazing and certainly unforgettable!

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and the handsome groom and may their love keep shining on for the rest of their lives as a source of inspiration to all of us.





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