Area woman rushed to hospital after overdosing on wisdom from Quora


Barcelona, Spain. Late Saturday night Mariana Guzman, 43, called the emergency number reporting symptoms of nausea, dizziness and severe abdominal cramps. “I was at home, sipping on a cup of sage tea when it all started. I was in my kitchen reading some really interesting  Q&As on Quora and I might have gotten sucked in a little, because in the middle of  an article about how to improve my life starting with he little things, I felt a pang in my chest and my heart started beating really fast. Then I started to break an inexplicable sweat and to feel rather dizzy. I was short of breath and started to panic. That’s when I called the emergency services.”

After stabilizing the patient and running several tests, the medical staff is baffled. “We have never seen anything like this before. It´s nothing short of a medical mistery. Ms. Guzman displayed symptoms of an overdose without consuming any prohibited substance. When we scanned her brain, we could see clear signs of excessive wisdom in her limbic system as well as in her prefrontal cortex. She then told us that she had been spending a lot of time on forums such as Quora, learning about things ranging from the meaning of life to why nitrogen was called nitrogen.”

Ms. Guzman did admit to a certain level of addiction to soft-spoken, warm advice from strangers. “It´s hard not to get hooked on a platform where genuine kindness, openness and yes, wisdom, are so abundant. Yes, there is no garden without its weeds, but the weed to roses ratio is surprisingly low over here. The people who write are so knowledgeable and polite. It´s like a preview of what it all could be like if everybody was nice to each other. Plus the jokes. ”

Ms. Guzman is going to be released from the hospital on Wednesday with a recommendation for moderation and increased water intake.

Surely there is plenty of advice on how to achieve that on her beloved forum.

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