A lot of useful information can be found in “Useful Info” folder on company’s shared drive


London. UK. There is a folder on every company’s shared drive containing nothing but helpful documentation meant to make your professional life easier. A careful examination of the filing structure of 10 multinational IT companies revealed that each and every one of them had an active Useful info¬†folder on a shared drive for all of their employees to access.

‘Unlike dozens of other folders that hold nothing but irrelevant information and take up space for no particular reason, Useful Info has accumulated every detail of our company’s core values. Its distilled wisdom, if you want’, declared Mark Savage, the CEO of Pointless.

Moreover, an employee survey pointed out the fact that the folder is by far most popular among forgetful workers. They love to use it as storage space for their passwords and other personal information; easy access from anywhere across the network won their sympathy in no time. Asked if this wasn’t a dangerous practice, uncompliant with most companies’ security guidelines, Mark Savage informed that it was definitely not the case. “We’re not just co-workers. We are a family and everybody knows that trust is the most important value in any family.¬† You doubting Thomas, you!”

“We see a bright future for this type of folder. It won’t be long before employees will realize it can put a fun spin on their private lives as well. Think of Tinder with the privacy of a VPN connection. Many of our workers are already slipping their phone number and a cute picture in there. Killing two birds with one stone – what’s wrong with that?’, Chris Grey, the system administrator of Shady Inc. concludes.

With 8 out of 10 professionals accessing it regularly, it is safe to say that the folder generates considerably more traffic than Fire and Safety Training or Deadlines.

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