Expat ready to join the war on tourists weeks after becoming a legal resident of Mediterranean metropolis

Barcelona. Spain. ‘Life here is so much more than I expected. The grass is greener, the sea is softer than I had ever imagined. There’s just a tiny little detail that I can’t stand at all and that’s tourists. I mean, it’s high summer, I get it, but there’s literally no possibility for us locals to find a free spot on the beach, on the metro or any downtown street. Everywhere you turn: tourists. They have taken over our city, our culture, everything. Do you have any idea how much the rents have gone up because of them? I can’t believe it! How are we supposed to lead a normal life with all these people in one place? Yes, they bring some color to the city and pour a lot of money into local businesses, but enough is enough.’
Asked by our reporter how she grew to be so fed up with tourists in such a short period of time, the new girl in town confessed: ‘Oh, you bought into it? I really don’t care. Just wanna fit in. I’m sure as hell not going to join the locals in political debates. Tourists? That’s small fish. With an average of 20 million of them per year crowding up our beaches, breathing our air, making it impossible for us to be a normal community. Yeah, no way. I’m not having any of it.’
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