IT crowd fan sues show producers after consecrated troubleshooting method fails to solve connectivity issues at home


London. UK. An unusual complaint has been file with local authorities earlier this afternoon. Area man Ned Barber tried to get online just like he always does: he unlocked his computer and then clicked, actually double-clicked, on the button for the internet. Much to his surprise, nothing happened. He tried again with no luck. Then, Ned says, he remembered a show that used to be on the telly a while ago. The one where they worked in the basement and fixed computers. There was this weird guy with the makeup too. What’s his name? Ned couldn’t recall this type of detail, instead what came to mind almost instantly was the method used by the technicians to fix every IT issue they came across. The golden rule of any IT department: turning it off and on again. Said and done, Ned was feeling rather self-satisfied as his Vista ridden PC was firing up. I’ve always been one to remember important details, he thought to himself not without a certain degree of cockiness.
You can imagine his surprise at realizing the button for the internet still chose not to cooperate. The page opened, but nothing was displayed in the box. A sudden rage engulfed Ned who had always been someone used to taking matters into his own hands. Twenty minutes after failing to access his favorite website (URL unspecified), Ned was already down at the precinct registering a complaint against the producers of the show for spreading fake fixes among the population.
Our reporters have tried to contact the defendants to see if they had anything to say about this rather awkward situation. They texted us back with the question ‘Did he make sure his router was plugged in?’
As of 5:25 pm, Ned was no longer available for comment.
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