European airline takes flying experience to a whole new level by introducing the revolutionary ‘all you can sleep’ service



London. UK. Not even two years on the market and the Flyaway airline company is pushing the envelope when it comes to the comfort and security of its customers. The company’s spokesperson announced early this morning the introduction of a game-changing service.

‘The all you can sleep approach is dedicated to our tired customers, to the sleepy, lower middle class willing to put its comfort on the line to make it to destination. We want to show the world that sometimes not very rich people matter. Basically, it works like this: one of our prettier stewardesses checks on the passengers about 15 minutes before the scheduled landing. If there’s anyone sleeping, we’re just gonna stay up in the air until their sleep cycle is completed. Did you know that lack of sleep causes more illness worldwide than smoking? Me neither. So while some of our passengers are asleep we will entertain the others with relaxing massages and soft music. The plane will soar like an eagle until every single one of its passengers is well rested.’

The Flyaway initiative has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, selling out tickets to several destinations in a matter of minutes.

‘I haven’t had a real chance to rest in a very long time’, Jed Lagge, a devoted customer opens up. ‘This measure comes as a true blessing to many of us. I must say, I have never felt so respected in my life.’

‘We don’t intend to stop here’ the company’s spokesperson adds. ‘Our research team is working on developing the possibility to make this service available forĀ our pilots too. If you prick them, do they not bleed?’

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