Obscure comedy writer celebrates one year anniversary of somewhat funny website with predictable thank you note


the morning

‘I never paid too much attention to comedy until recently’, website creator, writer, editor and possessor of no Photoshop skills whatsoever, Mary B. Foon, tells us. ‘I started this project estimating the expectations of its glorious future to turn into monotonous present two to four months into the whole thing. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see how in the course of a year the site’s following grew from three close friends and family members to six, how after each long break I came back and added a few pieces yet again.’

Mary thinks the key to success is consistency with one’s own capriciousness. ‘I write with irregularity. Sometimes I write four articles a day, sometimes three months can pass without me producing a single word.  I believe it is important to keep at these chaotic impulses and maintain the illusion of discipline. You can’t achieve anything without a little faith in qualities you don’t actually possess.’

When asked what motivated her to dedicate herself to comedy writing, Mary replied: ‘The gap between appearance and essence has always been of interest to me. I am too impatient with philosophical technicalities (read I don’t understand sh**), so I basically chose humor as a favorite tool to explore this dimension of reality. After one year of research, I can say that the gap is wider than ever and I am not exactly sure which one of the two is the substance and which the outward form anymore. I consider this proof that things are going well.’

‘Any plans for the future?’

‘What I want is to keep doing what I love simply because I love it. It is a joy and a reward in itself. If improvement, more regular posts, and some understanding of the usage of punctuation (yes, I am looking at you, comma) are thrown in along the way, I won’t be devastated, of course. But basically, it all comes from a super selfish place, one I want to share with people. I’m sure there’s a bunch of other folks like me out there. Just probably less funny.’



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