Al-Qaeda child brides let free after revealing they are gender fluid

child bride

An unexpected turn of events was registered in the world of terrorism! 27 child brides were released early Thursday morning from the vicinity of an Islamic Jihad training campThe men living in the village were horrified to find out that quite a few of their child spouses openly defined their identity as ‘gender-fluid’.

‘This is unacceptable’, Sayed Al-Sadiiq, multiple rapist and moral dictator told his 14-year-old lover. ‘Why didn’t you say so from the very beginning? I could have taken your younger sister instead. I have boundaries for Allah’s sake!’

The underage part-time boy, part-time girl chose to keep their name anonymous but tried to explain to Sayed Al-Sadiiq that they had every intention to fill him in on this potential inconvenient. ‘Unfortunately, every time we tried to open our mouths, we were told to ‘shut up’ and ‘go to your room’.

The community is in shock at this unprecedented revelation and decided to cast the girls out of the village in order to fend for themselves. It was unanimously considered that this radical influence can only come from the corrupt Western world. ‘Yes, we’re looking at you, America.’

Later that evening Sayed Al Sadiiq prayed to Allah for forgiveness, to which Allah reportedly replied: ‘Dude, gross.’

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