Teenage strawberry harbors dreams of becoming ice cream one day



A medium-sized strawberry voiced a so far unexpressed desire to become part of the ice cream industry once a grown-up. ‘It has always been my goal to serve a higher purpose. I kept seeing my older brothers and sisters being picked, either to serve in the kitchen as cake topping or to be sold in the markets and to be enjoyed fresh. We are very healthy and nutritious beings. Did you know that strawberries contain more Vitamin C than lemons? Did you?’, the little darling asked smiling.

The lovely strawberry confessed that it couldn’t wait to ripen so that someone would pick it from among its peers. ‘As a child, I used to be green with envy seeing my precocious brothers and sisters turn pink and then beautifully red in no time. However, I chose to suffer in silence and dream big. I always knew my time would come.’

When asked by our reporter why the sweetly scented strawberry opted to turn into ice cream one day, the berry replied promptly: ‘Everyone wants to be a star nowadays.  They want to shine on top of a cheesecake or look amazing in a turquoise handcrafted bowl. Have you seen people’s faces when they eat ice cream? I want to be the one to bring such happiness to them.’

The reporter offered the strawberry to pick it up and eat it on the spot, reassuring it that it would make him most happy, but the berry declined: ‘Thank you kindly for this generous deal,  I will stick with my plan.  For sure it won’t be long now.’

We wish the little strawberry good luck and a happy journey.

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