At last, internet freedom is possible: All you can say, free of charge!

Planet Earth. Who said philosophers don’t have a feeling for earthly things like plain old business?  Alexander Bart, the creator of  is in the position to overturn this bias. Why? He has made a fortune from developing what he calls ‘the only place on Earth where you are truly free, it’s online and it’s not really real’. So what is this place? Let`s hear what Alex has to say:

“You might know that some philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, back in the 17th century, constructed the idea of the state of nature, a state man lived in before they came to the conclusion that for increased survival rates they must set aside their killer instincts and collaborate to find food, shelter, or win wars. It hasn’t changed much, people still have those wild instincts buried deep within. To convince yourself please visit any comment section of any news site in the world. So, if so many people want to scream, shout, let it all out, why not give them the perfect platform to do it? All we had to do was to set up the website and hit it off with some highly popular topics like:

  • What would Donald do?
  • Favorite curses
  • Who needs punishment?
  • What would I do to your…(mother, sister, father, uncle), if I could
  • Who is the alien that plans to rule the world?
  • All about Jews
  • All about Freemasons
  • Best and worst nationalities
  • Fake religions
  • I`m just glad I`m white

Being a football fanatic myself, I really enjoy scooping around our vivid sports section, where you can find representatives of every important European football team, even from the smaller towns in Eastern Europe. I tell you, these football ultras and hooligans are really the most inventive people I’ve ever encountered.

I can also say that we revolutionized the advertising market. Forget about whatever stunts our clients play in regular media. Here they all shout it out clear:

  • We don`t give a s**t about the ozone layer
  • Forests and wild animals belong in botanical gardens and zoos
  • Point out on our live cam which leopard should be your mistresses’ next fur coat
  • We keep the oil prices high so you get even poorer
  • We put over 50 secret chemicals in each and every one of our products

Our visitors can also debate these messages and I tell you, it is very refreshing to watch!  All these people are free to write anything they want on our site. There are no limits, no anti-slander policy, nothing like that. Members are free to organize themselves, they even went out for a beer. And not surprisingly, in spite of the tension, no one got hurt. How do you explain that if not by turning to the classics?” – concluded Alex Bart.

Written by Lucian Cozma, edited by Ana-Maria Taut

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