Lacking better topics to write about, fake news website goes after the low-hanging fruit of trash talking Monday on a Monday yet again

It’s a slow day, alright?  The idea machine is broken and most of the employees called in sick, because it got cold in winter. Trump’s comments on Meryl Streep’s acting skills have been covered by people who wake up at 5am and the Golden Globes are so shiny, they hurt my eyes. From a remote corner a shy idea winks at me. Could it be anything else than good old Monday? Weekend’s over, gotta go to work. It sucks for you. It sucks for me. Everyone will get it.

Wanna snooze that alarm knowing you’ll be goddamn late? Need a good cup of coffee? Wanna let out some of that existential dread in a socially acceptable way? It’s Monday!

Pair it up with a semi-naked girl with good legs and everybody will be happy to be miserable today. Monday – a day we can all use to redirect our anger. Whether destined to fuel racism or simply turned against loved ones for no good reason, today is the day all the world’s bad moods have a chance to meet the common enemy.

Well, let me tell you one thing, all you inexperienced haters out there just keep focusing on Monday. Leave the Sunday angst to the masters. It’s better that way, trust me.

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