Brave, independent woman challenges the online community with a powerful comment to misogynistic post

It’s hard being a woman in the world today and the sad truth is that the patriarchy is not our only adversary. We, women, can be our worst enemies sometimes. Science has proven that womankind is the most judgmental and offensive species on Earth. A theory backed up by facts such as this article posted online yesterday.


What’s wrong with this post? Quite a bit. First of all, why do women ‘have’ to wear makeup every day? Second, if you pay careful attention you will notice the subversive message hidden in the title: girls who do not wear makeup are lazy. Who are they calling lazy and why? The ties between women and attractiveness have been severed by emancipation. Slaves to the lipstick no more!

One special lady dared to speak out and set the record straight in the comment section of the infamous post:


While maintaining her anonymity, the full-time nanny commented for our publication: ‘My mother always taught me to stand up for myself and never let anyone tell me I am anything less than good enough. I want to spread this positive vibe. Embrace your inner complexion. We are free now. We can’t just sit around and contour while the white male and the self hating woman paint our future in Candy K colors!’

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